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Wood Cigar®

Since 1978

Enjoy an exquisite experience like no other with our 'Original' Cigar Pipe™, brought to you from the Ancient California Redwoods, home of the world's largest one piece wood totem pole carving. 

---Tote (/tōt/) to carry or wield. - Om (/ōm/) an ultimate reality, entirety of the universe. ---           
We believe that in our new age of finite Synthetics, that it has become a great pleasure for some to carry or wield an ultimate reality from the universe, a reality as simple as - 'wood', a product of the infinite Plant Kingdom.                                                                                         
We at Wood Cigar® make our one-of-a-kind hand carved wooden pipes exclusively with you in mind, and try our best to assure that you have a truly natural experience.                                                                   




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Wood Cigar®

5250 West Century Boulevard. Suite 315, Los Angeles, CA 90045



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